The third edition of Gothenburgs first Ultratrail over 100 miles takes place the last weekend in April. Start at dawn.

Date: 2019-04-26
Start time: 20:00
Silver medal time: 24 hours
Maximum time: 30 hours
Distance: 100 miles, 161 km
ITRA qualifier: 5 points
Checkpoints: 8 with water/snacks/energy
Dropbag: Yes, 1 at 82 km checkpoint
Ascent: 3200 M+
Number of participants: 60 st
Recommended Qualification: Finished Trail Ultra XL (100k +, or 5 ITRA points)
Cost: 1000 SEK


The last date of registration is 2018-03-31

Register here:

The course

The entiry course will be marked with red ribbons. When The course runs on marked trails, the ribbons will be further apart, and when the course runs on unmarked singletrail, or city streets, the ribbons will be closer. We recommend that the runner downloads the .gpx file.

ITRA and UTMB certification is in progress.

View track and download .gpx for navigation here:
.gpx fil from GPSIES – Updated 2019-04-22

Official ITRA track

Rules & regulations

Pacers are allowed throughout the entire course. Pacers are there to help the runner keep the pace, and to navigate the course. Pacers can not carry any equipment, liquid or food for the runner.

Personal aid stations are allowed throughout the course, as long as they leave the place litterfree. As personal aid counts food and liquids, not equipment. The runner can not leave any of the obligatory equipment behind at a pesonal aidstation.

We do not request a health certificate or equivalent to start the race. Each runner participates at his own risk.

The runner is responsible for navigating right along the track. If the runner differs from the specified course in such a way that this has gained an advantage, the runner will be fined a punishment in the form of a time extension.

If the runner has otherwise attempted to gain an advantage in an unauthorized manner, the corresponding time extensions will be added. Multiple violations will lead to disqualification.

Every runner has an obligation to help other runners in distress.

Every runner is obliged not to throw trash along the race. Rubbish should be thrown on controls or in junk baskets along the lane.

The competition jury’s decision applies. You can of course have the opportunity to complain of a decision by the competition jury.

Mandatory equipment

  • Headlight with a burntime of at least 8 hours + spare battery
  • Water / fluid to last 30 km of running, at least 1000 ml
  • Energy / food to last 50 km of running, at least 800 kCal
  • Mobil phone with the number to race director  +46 708 177684
  • First aid kit with at least heat blanket, elastic bandage, patches
  • water and windproof jacket

Recomended equipment

  • Trekking poles
  • Bandana, cap, armwarmers, gloves
  • Extra longsleeved shirt
  • Electrolytes, saltcaps
  • Sunblocker
  • Toiletpaper