Saturday, July 1, it is time for the premiere of Gothenburg’s first Ultra Trail of 100 miles, or 161 km. It’s a hard race with a narrow silver medal time in just under 18 hours, sunrise to sunset, and a maximum time of 30 hours. The race consists of a lap around Gothenburg on singeltrail, tracks and roads with a preliminary ascent of 3200 meters. More detailed information will be posted during the spring when we test run the entire distance.

For those of you who enjoy trailrunning, the classic Trail Race route will also be retained, but with a partially new route, which means 98% pure trail running. Even with it’s 17km it’s still a hard course to complete, and a finisher medal awaits at the end of the race

The start and finish area

The race will take place with start and finish in the area around Utby, Look at the map below fo more exact location.
We will provide more detailed information on transportation, facilities, and parking in a race memo as we approach the start.