Everything is prepared for the 2021 race. The only thing we are waiting for is the permissions to arrange the race from the police authorities. And it doesn’t look good here. There is still restrictions in place with a maximum of 8 participants in events, and a complete ban against all running races except from Elite Competitions. There are new recomendations coming up on the 11:th of April where up to 150 people would be allowed on outdoor running competitions, but that is not in place yet. In that case the race can be completed as planned.

The suggested plan right now is to start the 168k on Friday at 20:00 with 50 participants. And to start the National Championship class of the 63k race at 07:00 with a maximum of 50 participants, and than the normal 63k class at 09:00. This is to prevent more than 50 people on either of the race stretches at the same time. There will be no spectators or any changing possibilities indoors due to the restrictions.

We are still possitive that the new regulations will be in place before the race, but if it doesn’t, there is still a possibility to arrange only the National Champinships class of the race for national tralrunning athletes. The classifications will then be based on the ITRA performance index, and to be qualified as an elite athlete the limit is 775 for men and 650 for women.

If the race cannot be held in a normal way, everybody will still be able to run the race as a virtual race. The race will than be selfsupported, and a GPX files of a completed run will be proof of completion. ITRA points and medals will still be awarded. There are a number of places where you can find drinking water during the course, and Checkpoint 2 on the 63k course, the same as checkpoint 4 on the 168k course, AKA the home af the racedirector,  will always be open with self service of sportsdrink, water and energybars during the entire time of the virtual race.