The race for 2021 is scheduled on the weekend of 23-25 of April 2021. We are currently working out the details on the permissions for the race due to the COVID-19 restrictions in sweden where a maximum of 50 participants are allowed on the course at one time. The sollution will be that we have different startgroups with a maximum of 50 people at a time, wich means that we will have different startingtimes to avoid any theoretical crowding on the different sections of the race.

The racers who transfered their place in last years race to this years race, are guaranteed a place in the 2021 year race. And then we will fill up the rest of the places depending on how the discussions with the authorities progresses.

We will also make some changes in the start and finishing areas, where we sadly cannot allow any audience to be present. We will also have to close the possibility to shower and sauna after the race, as well as post race dinner at the finishing area.

The regulations may come to change before the start of the race, but we need to plan ahead and prepare for the worst.