The current Swedish regulations state that all events with more than 500 participants will be cancelled. These are regulations that might change in the upcoming weeks, but as the situation is at the moment, this race will be held as planned. We have a total maximum of 200 participants in two different races, and during the race, they will be spread out naturally.

But we are still taking measurements to ensure the health and safety of both the runners, and the staff supporting the runners.

  1. All international runners who has entered the race has been given an option to get a refund, due to closed borders, travel restrictions and quarantine rules.
  2. All runners will get start-numbers in accordance to their current ITRA ranking points. Let the ones with the lowest numbers start first to avoid crowding at the start.
  3. All the staff working with the race will not support any runners if they have sickness symtoms or have been in contact with people showing signs of sickness either in their home or in their profession during the time-period leading up to the race. The same rule applies if they have travelled in risk zones during the last two weeks leading up to the race. Nor will we have any members of our staff over 70 years of age.
  4. There will be changes made to what kind of energy and food that will be served at our aid-stations. We will avoid foods that is served in open trays, and choose options that are factory sealed, that the runners can bring with them. This means that the runners must carry the wrappers until they can be disposed at the next aid-station. Special care will also be taken to the staffs hygiene.
  5. We encourage spectators other than personal supporters to cheer the runners throughout the course, and avoid the start and finish area, especially at the arrival of the top runners of the Ultra Race course.
  6. We will stilla have changing rooms for the runners after the race, but we also encourage the runners who have the possibility to shower at home or at their hotels after the race.
  7. Post race meals will be served outside at the start and finish area by a professional food truck.
  8. There will be no finisher hugs from the race director this year.

Furthermore, we think it is important that small local races still can be arranged where so many big international races have been cancelled. Support the local clubs, and explore your local terrain until this pandemic is under control.

If you have any questions or other concerns, feel free to contact us on